Electronic Technical Reports

Authors: V. Bohossian, A. Jiang and J. Bruck
Title:  Buffer Codes for Asymetric Multi-Level Memory
Paradise, ETR083, Apr, 2007

Authors: A. Jiang, V. Bohossian and J. Bruck
Title:  Floating Codes for Joint Information Storage in Write Asymetric Memories
Paradise, ETR080, Apr, 2007

Authors: Y. Cassuto, M. Schwartz, V. Bohossian and J. Bruck
Title:  Codes for Multi-Level Flash Memories: Correcting Asymmetric Limited-Magnitude Errors
Paradise, ETR079, Apr, 2007

Authors: V. Bohossian and J. Bruck
Title:  Shortening Array Codes and the Perfect 1-Factorization Conjecture
Paradise, ETR075, May, 2006

Authors: V. Bohossian, C. Fan, P. LeMahieu, M. Riedel, L. Xu and J. Bruck
Title: Computing in the RAIN: A Reliable Array of Independent Nodes
Paradise, ETR029, September, 1999.

Authors: V. Bohossian, M. Riedel and J. Bruck
Title: Trading Weight Size for Circuit Depth: An \widehat{LT}2 Circuit for Comparison
Paradise, ETR028, November, 1998.

Authors: L. Xu, V. Bohossian, J. Bruck and D. Wagner
Title: Low Density MDS Codes and Factors of Complete Graphs
Paradise, ETR025, August, 1998.

Authors: P. LeMahieu, V. Bohossian, J. Bruck
Title: Fault-Tolerant Switched Local Area Networks
Paradise, ETR021, January, 1998.

Authors: V. Bohossian, P. Hasler, J. Bruck,
Title: Programmable Neural Logic
Paradise, ETR017, October 1997.

Authors: V. Bohossian and J. Bruck,
Title: Algebraic Techniques for Constructing Minimal Weight Threshold Functions
Paradise, ETR015, November 1996.

Authors: V. Bohossian and J. Bruck,
Title: Multiple Threshold Neural Logic
Paradise, ETR010, June 1996.

Authors: V. Bohossian and J. Bruck,
Title: On Neural Networks with Minimal Weights
Paradise, ETR005, June 1995.