Jin Sima, PhD, 2022

Siddharth Jain, PhD / Post-Doc, 2021

Netanel Raviv, Post-Doc, 2019, Center for the Mathematics of Information (Assistant Professor of CSE at Washington Univ. in St. Louis)

Yue Li, Post-Doc, 2017, Electrical Engineering (Co-Founder at MemVerge)

Wentao Huang, PhD, 2017, Electrical Engineering (Snapchat Inc.)

Farzad Farnoud, Post-Doc, 2016, Electrical Engineering (Assistant Professor of ECE at University of Virginia)

Eyal En Gad, PhD, 2015, Electrical Engineering (Micron Technology)

Eitan Yaakobi , Post-Doc, 2014, Electrical Engineering (Assistant Professor of CS at Technion)

Zhiying Wang , PhD, 2013, Electrical Engineering (Assistant Professor in ECE at UC Irvine)

Itzhak Tamo , PhD, 2012, Electrical Engineering (from Ben-Gurion University) (Assistant Professor of EE at Tel Aviv University)

Lulu Qian , Post-Doc, 2012, Bioengineering (Professor of Bioengineering at Caltech)

Hongchao Zhou , PhD, 2012, Electrical Engineering (Professor at Shandong Univ. and Entrepreneur).

Robert Mateescu , Post-Doc, 2009, Electrical Engineering (Researcher, Western Digital).

Yury Lifshits , Post-Doc, 2008, Information Science and Technology (CEO and Co-Founder Openland).

Yuval Cassuto , PhD, 2008, Electrical Engineering (Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Technion, Israel).

Moshe Schwartz , Post-Doc, 2007, Electrical Engineering (Associate Professor of ECE at Ben Gurion Univeristy, Israel).

Michael Langberg , Post-Doc, 2006, Computer Science (Professor of Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo).

Matthew Cook , PhD / Post-Doc, 2006, Computation and Neural Systems (Professor in the Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH Zurich).

Marc Riedel , PhD / Post-Doc, 2005, Electrical Engineering (Associate Professor of ECE at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus).

Jie Gao , Post-Doc, 2005, Information Science and Technology (Professor of CS at Stony Brook University).

Alex Sprintson , Post-Doc, 2005, Electrical Engineering (Professor of ECE at Texas A & M).

Andrew (Anxiao) Jiang , PhD / Post-Doc, 2005, Electrical Engineering (Associate Professor of CS and ECE at Texas A & M).

Saleem Mukhtar, PhD, 2004, Computation and Neural Systems (Risk Analytics Developer at Taconic Capital).

Suleyman Gokyigit, MS, 2003, Computer Science (Chief Operating Officer at IT Support Guys).

Massimo Franceschetti , PhD, 2002, Electrical Engineering (Professor of ECE at UCSD).

Kevin Foltz , PhD, 2002, Electrical Engineering (Research Staff Member at Institute for Defense Analyses).

Andre Levchenko , Post-Doc 2001, Computation and Neural Systems (John C. Malone Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale University).

Charles Fan , PhD, 2001, Electrical Engineering (CoFounder and CEO at MemVerge).

Michael Gibson, PhD, 2000, Computation and Neural Systems (Software Development Manager at AWS).

Paul LeMahieu , MS, 1998, Electrical Engineering (Founder at a start-up in data storage).

Vasken Bohossian , PhD, 1998, Computation and Neural Systems (Founder and CEO at Human-Engine).

Lihao Xu , PhD, 1998, Electrical Engineering (Associate Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University).

Avi Ziv, PhD, 1995, Electrical Engineering (from Stanford University) (Research Staff Member at IBM).